SHEP Student Wins International Award

Grace JonesIn November of 2012, SHEP student Grace Jones was presented with the Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children’s Yes I Can! award for her accomplishments as a student at Northern Kentucky University. Grace has completed 24 hours as a non-degree seeking student at NKU, and is the first female student with an intellectual disability to do so.

Shortly after being honored with the Kentucky award, Grace learned that she would be receiving an international Yes I Can! award as well. She and her family plan to travel to San Antonio, TX, where the award will be presented in April of 2013.

Dr. Missy Jones of NKU calls Grace “a leader in the true sense of the word” for her success in “overcoming stereotypes and demonstrating how focusing on strengths can lead to success.” All of us at SHEP would like to congratulate Grace on her successes and to thank her for her pioneering efforts on behalf of students with intellectual disabilities.

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