Kentucky’s First Comprehensive Transition Program: Murray State University

As a part of the University of Kentucky’s Supported Higher Education Project in KY (SHEP), Murray State University became the first approved Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) in our state.  CTPs are able to offer students with intellectual disabilities Pell Grants and Federal Work Study, even if they do not have a regular high school diploma.  Moreover, along with KY’s new legislation allowing students who have earned an Alternate Diploma to receive Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) funds if they enroll in a CTP, this is major step forward in higher education for students with intellectual disabilities going to college in Kentucky!

For more information about the CTP  at Murray State University, contact Pam Matlock at or Cindy Clemson at For more information about SHEP, contact Barry Whaley at

Blake is Murray's first SHEP student

Blake is Murray’s first SHEP student


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