Postsecondary Opportunities Workgroup

In September, 2005, a group of families, students, and organizations came together to talk about educational options for students with intellectual disabilities after leaving high school. The group developed papers, presentations, and informational resources to share with professionals in higher education, adult services,  and local education authorities. Most importantly, the information was shared with families and people with intellectual disabilities who dreamed of continuing their education. The workgroup wrote a proposal to fund a pilot project, the Postsecondary Inclusion Partnership (PIP), which began in 2008 with the goal of assisting students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in pursuing postsecondary education in Central Kentucky. Funded through the Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities, this pilot will end the summer of 2011. Students involved with PIP will then be supported through the Supported Higher Education Project (SHEP).  The Postsecondary Opportunities Workgroup acts in an advisory capacity for both PIP and SHEP. Interested in being involved in the workgroup? Contact Kathy Sheppard-Jones at

Members of the Workgroup

Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Kentucky Protection & Advocacy
Kentucky Council on Developmental Disabilities
Malkanthie McCormick
Human Development Institute – Core
Community Based Work Transition Project
Fayette County Public Schools
Kentucky Supported Employment Training Project
State ADA Coordinator
Bluegrass Technology Center