For Mentors

Mentor Responsibilities

* Commit to a mentoring schedule and keep mentoring times open for mentoring.

* Contact the mentee ahead of time if you are unable to meet due to unforeseen circumstances.  It is suggested that mentors and mentees exchange phone numbers for easy contact.

* Provide information and support to mentee when requested.  If you don’t know the answer to a question, help the mentee access resources to find answers.  Take initiative when needed.

* Look for opportunities to build on the mentees strengths and interests through extra-curricular activities, campus events, organizations, and volunteer or job opportunities.

* Attend college events with mentee to support her/him in the whole college experience.

* Devise a communication plan with the mentees family members (if requested) to keep them up on assignments and homework.

* Honor the mentees request for less support – however, notify the mentoring coordinator as well.

* Before attending a class with your mentee, check to see if the instructor has been contacted, and introduce yourself to the instructor ahead of time.

* When providing support in the classroom, do so in the least intrusive manner.  Ask the mentee if they would like you to sit near them, or away from them.  Provide prompting and encouragement as needed.

* Notify the mentoring coordinator as soon as any problems or concerns arise.

* Maintain the confidentiality of your mentee.  However, if problems or concerns should arise, please contact the mentoring coordinator immediately!

Information for mentors