For Mentees

Mentee Responsibilities 

* Schedule your courses early, during priority registration, and then inform the mentoring coordinator of your schedule.

* Follow your class schedule and attend each class at the correct time, place, and day.

* Know or have available at all times your student I.D. card and number, email address, email user name, and password (these allow you access to email, blackboard, student union activities, library services, campus events, etc.)

* Carry with you at all times an agenda or notebook for documenting assignment due dates, etc.

* Carry with you at all times a copy of your course syllabi.

* Contact the scheduled mentors ahead of time if unable to make it to campus.  It is helpful for each mentee to have and know how to use a cell phone.  Mentor phone numbers can be programmed in to the phone for easy access when needed.

* Check emails and blackboard regularly

* Set aside a time each week to complete homework independent of your mentor outside of your time on campus

* Turn-in assignments on the scheduled due dates

* Email or call mentors for help with homework

* Be respectful to your mentor.  If you are unhappy with something they are doing or saying, tell them.  If you are uncomfortable telling them, contact your mentoring supervisor.

* Access disability services for tests and other accommodations you may be allowed to have, the student learning assistance tutors labs for additional academic support if needed, or central advising if needed.

Mentoring: Information for New Mentees