Mentoring: Getting Started

At the onset of the partnership, mentoring partners should plan to meet and discuss what the mentee feels she/he might need.  The mentee should prepare a list of questions for the mentor, and the mentor should also prepare a list of questions for the mentee.  Things to consider are your schedules, your interests, your goals for mentoring, your fears or concerns, and what you both are hoping to gain from the experience.  In addition, the mentee should be prepared to discuss what types of supports he/she would like to have both in and out of class.  The types and level of support provided is determined through a person-centered process, keeping the student receiving the mentoring support at the focus of all discussions.

As a formal mentoring partner, you may be asked to participate in a person-centered planning meeting.  At this meeting, parents, students (both mentors and mentees), your mentoring coordinator, vocational rehabilitation counselor (when applicable), and others who want to support the mentee, will gather to discuss the long and short term goals for the mentee, determining the best ways to support this student to succeed in college and later in life.  Both mentoring partners are valuable members to these important planning meetings.

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