Issues in Mentoring

Maintaining Safe Relationships

Mentoring partnerships are supportive relationships in which both parties understand the boundaries of a friendship.

Mentoring partnerships are not sexual relationships or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships.  It is the expectation that mentoring partners honor one another and treat each other with the utmost respect.

If you become uncomfortable with some aspect of the relationship, please contact the mentoring coordinator immediately!

A Few Words About Confidentiality

Maintaining trust is crucial in every relationship.  Whatever your mentoring partner tells you, or whatever you learn about your mentoring partner, should be treated as confidential.  Please avoid sharing stories about your mentoring experience or your mentoring partner, unless you have permission from your mentoring partner.

If Questions or Problems Arise

At Northern Kentucky University, please contact Dr. Missy Jones if any problems or concerns arise.  You can call her office (BEP 286) at (859) 572-1423, her cell phone at (513) 404-7038, or email her at

For all other SHEP locations, contact Barry Whaley at( 859) 977-4050 or